The Secret of the Pangolisks relates to these.

An angry Pangolisk will spit. a Really Angry Pangolisk will bite. Pangolisks have a very strange saliva - they seem to have a native bacteria living in their mouths - but this bacteria is more closely related to the Pangolisk than a human's intestinal fauna. It causes no disease in Pangolisks or anyone else.

Now, given the emotional make up of Pangolisks, the recipients of firey Pangolisk rage are most frequently other Pangolisks, Stuffed animals, cat toys and flying insects.

If studied, though, the genetics of this Pangolisk mouth fauna reveals two things -

  • A)It's not a bacteria. It's a product of the Pangolisk salivary system
  • B)It carries a huge ammount of genetic information.

Healthy Pangolisk skin has a very slight oily sheen. Some one adopted by and cuddled thoroughly by a pack of Pangolisks will find this skin oil on ev eerything. It discolors fine silk like human skin oil.

The secret of the Pangolisks is this -

The skin oil of the Pangolisks paralyzes Mellor. It is a finely tuned and effective weapon. Only the strongest and luckiest of Mellor will avoid being completely frozen and disabled for a couple of hours. The "lucky" ones will be severely impaired.

The Spit of the Pangolisk shares this quality.

The semi-bacteria in the Pangolisk's saliva will interact with the Genetics of the Mellor. A Mellor so bitten will be paralyzed and suffer a fever for the next several hours.

When he awakes - he will be an original Mellor, filled with love for people and a desire to help facilitate thier rise to a highr state of culture, society and justice.

And probably deeply unhappy about being a shape changing mass murderer for the last 9,000 years, give or take.

Pangolisks can detect Mellor, almost invariably. The effect is remaarkable, given how well Mellor can disguise themselves and mimic their marks.

Pangolisks are genetically engineered and biologically arranged anti-mellor weapons.

But as weapons they have a crippling failure.

A Pangolisk detecting a Mellor will not spit, approach and bite. He will scream and flee. Pangolisks are so cowardly - an adventurer attempting to facilitate the Mellor neutralizing qualities of the Pangolisks will have to use the panicking, screaming being as a club against the Mellor.

The Pangolisk will NOT like him after that.

The cowardice of the Pangolisks defeats thier anti Mellor function.