The Noiro - A race of humanoids (Very humanoid) with differential Bio-chemistry. Their Skin Color ranges in tone from dark green to gold. They're aggressive merchants and pirates among each other. These guys are found in various places along the fringepaths. ""Nar" is the name of the world and culture found here.


A Noiro


The Noiro would be rolled on the normal human scale in D20. They have Appraise and Bluff, and Detect Lies as class skills, always.


These people live on an alternate of Kogari - Same physical Map and Same flora and fauna. Their world is reached by the node -3 Alt gate in the 4:00 position.


The default assumption is that the Noiro are not aware of their ring. They are at about 1950s technology.

The Noiro are balkanized into city-states that vie for economic and political power amongst themselves in a free wheeling mass of trade, mercantilism, piracy and mafia-like corruption.


It's very unlikely that people from such a different biochemical root would be so human, so that body language, facial expressions and other subtlties are so compatible.

It may be that the Noiro were created by the Terhmelern for some reason but the objective of such a project remains unknown.

All evidence of Noiro on this world are less than 15,000 years old.

Orion Male