The Fritzians

Group Name:  The Fritzians

Created by:  Rich Tucholka, The UFO Community and Jay P. Hailey

Appearance:  Crim's 2013 Fringeowrthy game (2016)
Grey Alien X-Files

The earthman says "Wha?"

Number of Members:  2 billion

Nature of Members:  Fritzians range from 3.5 to 4.5 feet tall. They looki like classic "Grey" Aliens from Earth Folklore. They are marsupials. The enjoy anally probing mammals for no good reason.  They've stolen cows from Earth and enjoy beef.   They have gray skin, large eyes, no noses and thin mouths. Physiologically they are very odd and unusual. They will wear jumpsuits of silvery looking material, or various decorative pieces. Sometimes they go nude.  Non Fritizians cannot tell a male from a female on sight.

Organization:  The Fritizian Organization is mysterious and obscure to outsiders.  It functions as both a military, a coroporate and a civil heirarchy, with complex social cues and contexts needed for proper operation. Outsiders have not figured this out, yet.

Game Role:  Aliens.  Counterweights to the Hagu

World Role:   Aliens

Relative Influence:  Moderate.  They have excellent technology and have shared this with the Trell in the hopes of not being over run by the Hagu.  They are looking for a better race to hire as mercenaries to fight the Hagu

Public or Secret?:  Their existence is known.  Much of their culture is hidden and obnscure.  The Fritzians don't exlain themselkves much to outsiders and a weird point of view may make communication difficult. 

Publicly Stated Goal:   To resist the Hagu

Relative Wealth:  They have two planets and fully built in infrastructure, and so large.  But not as large as the Hagu Empire and they know it.

Group advantages:  High technology

Special Abilities:  The Fritzians may be telepathic among eath other.

Group disadvantages: Out numbered by the Hagu.

Special disadvantages:  Obscure and secretive

Those who favor them:  The Trell and friends of the Trell. 

Those opposed to them:  The Hagu

Area of Operation: This area of the galaxy not too far away from the Fringepath zone

Headquarters Location: Fritzia

Public Face:  Mysterious Grey Aliens 

History of the Organization:

It's possible the Fritzians remember the Fringepaths and the Commonwealth.  If they do, they aren't saying. 

For a long time, they have confined themselves to two worlds.  No one knows why.  The Hagu have tried to set up trade relations with the Fitziansas a prelude to economic warfare.  But the Fritzians alien outlook has made this difficult, at best.  Attempts ate military intimidation have been ignored in inscrutable alien ways.

Actually the Fritzians didn't ignore this at all, they have reacted by offering technology to rivals of the Hagu, but in person Hagu diplomats and emmisaries have found the Fritzians obscure and secretive. 

Trell traders are tolerated. The Fritzian point of view makes communication difficult there, too.  

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