Solon of Atlantis-Prime


Solon, God-Emperor of Atlantis

Solon is a Great Mellor. In 9,960 BCE He personally Murdered all of the people Inhabiting Atlantis and then spent several years tracking down and murdering other off-worlders.

Solon used mainly tactics of treachery and surprise. Many of the Terhmelern and other folks he murdered died of a surprised and fast acting diease Which Solon had laboriously exposed them to.

By using such tactics, Solon was able to erase a lot of the local knowledge of the Terhmelern, the Fringe Paths and his own role. He recruited followers and carefully nurtured them into fanatic worshippers. With these Solonic Fanatics as tools, he tracked down and exterminated all other knoweldge of the Fringe Paths, the commonwealth and other things.

However, Solon's followers were unable to discover how to unlock the Fringepath system and allow him to escape. Repeated attempts at this have failed. Sending Fanatically pro-Solon followers through the portals makes Solon crazy. Once they are away from him on the Fringe paths they are totally out of his control. Solon is caught between urging his followers to seek the key to his freedom and reignning them in to assure his control.

In about 720 BCE, a group of Solon's folllowers defected and scattered themselves to the game area. Since that time. Solon has ended Atlantean exploration and attempts to control the Fringepath System and has played Spider-in-the-web. If a Fringeworthy comes though the rings, they can expect to greet very surprised guards who, obeyng very dusty old proceedures will arrest them and turn them over to Solon.

Solon hasn't made up his mind, yet if he will eat luckless travellers to gain their knowledge, or Bribe them with piles of gold, Jewelry, titles and land on Atlantis Prime in order to gget them to try once again to locate a means to escape.