Saurian-B ready to strike

Talk quick - he doesn't look like he's into listening.

These Saurians are also known as "Team B", and "Lizard Men"

They arose on Sauria and died out millenia ago, at least. However on an Alternate world, they survived and were the first generation to explore the fringe paths after the fall of the Terhmelern.

In the past, they suffered some horrible setback and they left scattered bands of survivors in several areas.

Over the subsequent 9,000 years, some physical features have become accentuated. Different tribes have different skin coloration and some have developed colorful fringes.

These guys don't have the superior vision of the Saurian Team A, but aren't as hampered by bright light, either.

They can sprint and leap faster and farther than a human being could manage. They tend to be heavier, denser, stronger and more reslilient than humans. They are dedicated carnivores. When encouraged by human behavior, they find humans to be a tasty, if challenging source of calories.

Ironically, they tend to more accepting of "others", and when approached properly, they are less likely to default to being fearful and hostile, when compared to Saurians from Team A.

Beyond this, it's dfficult generalize, since various bands of Lizardmen have been isolated from each other for up to 9,500 years.