There have been three groups, in recent times.  The were previous groups but Lothlorien was attacked , erasing memory of those groups.

Replicant Group 1

3 people 60 years ago (1903)

Paladin - Tranon Stellarson 

Charismatic Hero - Melissa Van Dyke

Wizard - Dak Melarson

Replicant Group 2

3 people 40 years ago (1923)

Thug - Bill Hannah - The henchman with no hope. (1936)

Smart/Charismatic Hero - Susan O'Halloran - The graceful, contemplative media technician. (1987)

Tough Hero -  Charlie Doon - The inhibited prospector. (1876)

Replicant Group 3

4 people 20 years ago (1943)

Jedi Guardian - Samak Nebulon - The hysterical, charismatic mentor.

Fast/Smart Hero - Sarah LeDieu - The dexterous, artistic pharmacist.

Infiltrator - Six - The tireless, serious, altruistic super-powered agent.

Monster trainer -  Syku Kolajahu - The sloppy monster rancher.

That makes Gavin and Lydia Group 4

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