Prime Platform

A Platform

General Platform Description

The Default platform is 188m (616.8 feet) wide, and 1.19m (3.9 feet) thick and contains Rings hovering near the outer edge. The rings hover just inches off the surface of the platform. The platform has ramps leading to each ring allowing easy vehicle wheeled cart motion through the ring.

It is made of dull gray material not unlike metal to the touch. The material is faintly rough to allow traction for feet, paws, wheels and hooves, but offers little rolling resistance.

It seems to hover in place in hyperspace. The sky is black but shines with fuzzy, wavering star that move, appear and disapear, change colors and otherwise make poor visual reference points.

There is a constant breeze downward near the center of the platform - the air flow is outward near the edge of the platform.

Off the edge of the Platform, gravity disappears. if something is dropped off the edge of the platform, it will float with the air. At the edge of the Platform space the air rises with about 1/2 the force of the downward breeze in the center.

The space the Platform hangs in seems to be a cylinder about 1.6 kilometers up, and 1.6 killometers down from the plaftorm - objects dropped off the edge and aimed so as to stay in the 0g area may float all the way down and be seen to return from the top. The Cylinder's ends connect.

However there is gravity on the bottom of the Platform - the same 0.92 g that the upper surface experiences.

So objects in the 0g zone may drift into the gravity positive zone (They almost certainly will) and fall down - down being the closer surface of the platform. This will be deadly and destructuve to most people and things.

Objects thrown towards the edge of plaftorm space simply flash and disapear.


  • The surface gravity is 0.92g.
  • The temp is 65 Farenheit. 18.33 Degrees Celsius
  • The light is twighlight-like but comes from all over. Shadows are faint and move.

A Ring from the Platform Side


Rings are described as though the platform is a clock face. Down is 6:00, up is 12:00 left is 9:00 and right is 3:00.

They are also numbered from the bottom. 6:00 is 1, the numbering goes clockwise.

This is a GMing ease-of-description aid - the platforms don't seem to notice or care one way or the other.

Jayphailey 03:58, December 23, 2009 (UTC)