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Summary - Pangolisks resemble scalled armadillo/anteaters. They are semi sentient and like people. When encountering new people, Pangolisks act like happy puppies, babbling at their new friends, showing shiny things and generally being charmming to anyone who likes cute.

Pangolisks are universally Fringworthy.

Pangolisks have one annoying habit - they tend to treat new friends, especially ones with houses, bases or camps as free baby sitting. They drop their young off and run off to play.

Pangolisks have a secret.

Pangolisks are cowardly. They respond badly to violence and threats. Pangolisks will flee. When it is appropriate to flee, they'll flee harder. They panic. When courage and fortitude are needed traits, Pangolisks will scream and cry.

It's not really their fault. They're just built that way. They have no seperation from their emotions, in a manner similar cats.

So Pangolisks make good housemates and semi pets. they make poor adventuring companions and are better off left at home.