Nodes are stacks of four Plaftorms.


Prime Platforms- Are located on worlds of particular interest, or Prime Worlds These platforms contain 8 small Rings amd 2 large Rings, 1 large ring to a main station and 1 Large ring to the Fringe Roads

Alt Platforms - Contain Rings that are portals to alternate histories, alternate worlds and purpose made pocket dimensions. These also contain large rings, linking laterally to Nodes on either side.

System Platforms - Contain Rings that are portals to the solar system in the same universe as the Prime World. there are usually 8 rings, but there may be more or fewer.

Stellar Platforms - Contain Rings that lead to single worlds around stars nearby the Prime World.


There are 6 Nodes in the (+) direction, and 5 nodes in the (-) direction. The big lateral rings have Been locked by high access keys.

This means - there was a conflict 9,990 yars ago for the ownership of this section.

That gives 12 total nodes.

Meta 2

The MH&L game currently involves nodes M0 and M+161, although the playes do not know this.

The relationship between the M nodes and the orignal JFW Game Nodes is solely that the M nodes are not currently placed in relation to the original map. They may be right next door.