The Node Zero Prime Platform is rooted in a version of Earth.

It is 2027 and for the last 20 years - the numbers of live human births has dropped to almost none. A disease, otherwise without symptoms, has rendered most of the men on Earth sterile.

When this became apparent riots broke out and civilization collapsed.

Now, in some places, aging survivors struggle to keep some sort of civilization going. In other places, bands of nomadic survivors raid and loot violently.

There are odd live births and fertile men to be found, but they are rare, and responses vary wildly (Between avid protection and burning them out of resentment.).

This world bears a certain resemblance to Mad Max World

12:00 - Fringe Path to Node M0 Alt Platform

01:00 Antartica - about where Hatsumi base is on Hatsumi Earth - this base was never discovered or dug out by the people here.

Their Captain Oates' Journal is present on the ground, next to his frozen body.

02:00 - Yonaguni Monument - Underwater

03:00 - Blank

04:00 - In a cave in the Alps, not far from Grenoble , France. France looks like a third world country, but the French are holding on better than most.

05:00 - In a cave about 20 miles away from Borzya , Russia and 30 miles away from Krasnokamensk, Russia. It's not far away from the point where the borders of China, Mongolia and Russia Meet. Borzya is an armed enclave. Not terribly friendly.

06:00 - Galapagos Islands, on Baltra Island .

07:00 - About 25 miles south ofIqaluit , across the inlet, in a cave about 1 mile inland. Iqualuit is pretty empty with a few people living in the old ways and scavenging what they can. They are welcoming to strangers.

08:00 - On Pyramid Island on the southern tip of Malaita Island , Solomon Islands. Population has crashed. An ethnic militia (The Malaita Eagles) keeps order and resents white men.

09:00 - Blank

10:00 - On Montagu Island, in South Sandwish Islands. The Termelehrn complex has long since been destroy by volcanic activity, leaving a warp on the surface of the Island.

11:00 - Under the ruins of the "Demons' Fortress" in the Kaplankyr Reserve , in Turkmenistan. The nearest City Dasoguz is Inhabited by angry or resigned turkmen and uzebkis and a smattering of others. When the collapse was in full swing the town was smashed pretty badly, they are cautious of new comers but not actively hostile - They are a sort of travelers stop.