In this Alernate History,  about 10,000 years ago, Earth and Jupiter were moved.  

Now Jupiter orbits closer to the sun, Earth and Mars have become Jovian moons, orbiting at a distance.

Both worlds orbit Jupiter with a high incilation,  It means the they get plenty of sunshine and warmth from the Sun and Jupiter. 

But it makes astronomy dizzzying, complex and wierd. Seasons are also quite odd. 

The Moon was sheared away from Earth and now Orbits Jupiter much further away.

Jupiter and it's Gallilean moons dance in the night sky.

Europa is a ocean moon, too, being closer to the Sun. 

10,000 years ago, this Earth was home to a Commonwealth City.  It was moved as part of a bizzare experimnent. 

The Mellor war happened and fucked over whatever plans the Terhmelern had about it.

The gate is a warp over a group of low hills. These are tells of the ancient city. The Location is in the Ohio Valley, near modern day Dublin. 

This Earth is coming out of an Ice Age, caused by the Disruption.  Humans exist here, but are few and far between.

This Earth was settled by the Third Imperium. A modern Ag Colony is located  not far away.

This is a small town of about 10,000 Ur-Engai who farm native earth Aurocs and plants for food to export.  They get a supply ship every 90 days or so.  

The Ur-Engai generally leave the humans alone, but a couple of tribes have, essentially joined the Ur-Engai imperial town as grunt labor. 

The night PCs arrive, they have a chance to see the Supply ship re-entering the atmosphere, and making it's landing approach to the Town.

The townies are farmers, but they're all armed. Local megafauna is beginning to learn to avoid them, but that's slow going. 

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