This is Edgar Rice Burroughs "Barsoom" essentially. 

Princess Veja Sorthal rules a peaceful and good-guy city state based in the city of Radon.

Turn 1

Harald's Group have become Local heroes, helping to fend off a raid by 4 armed bandits.

The Princess Veja Sorthal has declared them Heroes of the Kingdom.  And is seeking her own Fringeworthy

Turn 2

3, 7  they have two fringeworthy, and one's a child.  Their project is looking for more fringeworthy people.

Turn 3

4,4  The search for Fringweworthy is slow and so far, unrewarding. 

Turn 4

16, 12 - they find a pair of Fringe worthy and begin Initial exploration

The Soombar explorers go to Gomgo

4, 1  they wind up over sharing and are captured by Gim the Merciless who begins his own Fringeworthy program.

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