Gomgo is essentially Mongo from Flash Gordon,  A Warlord Named Gim the Merciless is well on his way to dominating the world, resisted only by a handful of princes who squabble amongst each other. 

The technology is solidly 1889 withsome weird additions, Cavorite being notable among them. 

Gim leads his Legions of Terror, a tough and competent military force, who are fanatically loyal. Their uniforms resemble what you might expect from an Evil Marching Band

Turn 1

Harald's Group makes contact with Prince Falfr who is a resistance leader against Gim.  

1/5  Prince Falfr thinks they're native to Gomgo, has no clue about the gate. 

Turn 2 


Turn 3


Turn 4

The Soombar explorers go to Gomgo

4, 1  they wind up over sharing and are captured by Gim the merciless who begins his own Fringeworthy program.

Gomgo is on the Stellar Platform of C -22,  Barbarians of Lemuria

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