Xanrtia is a well inhabited and developed Earth colony.  Although an independant world, they are allies of the Earth Directorate.

About 30 years ago a rival world, Ruatha released a bioweapon on Xantia, which killed a huge majority of the male population.  War was  barely averted by Earth Directorate intervention. For the next several years, things were a little crazy on Xantia.  Elite ruling class women bought male human slaves and things looked bleak.

Then a reformer, backed by Earth Directorate deposed the prime minister and worked to reform the damaged culture of Xantia. 

Now, with the importation of men and artificial fertility treatments, the balance of sexes of people below 30 years ol is largely restored, but there are lingering effects.  Men are considered the weaker sex, to be won, captured, held and pampered. Older women consider men to be flightly an prone to poorly controlled emotions. 

Even younger women consider men to be vaguely inferior in a political sense.  They point to the tensions with Ruatha as an example of why men should not be trusted with such issues. 

Ruatha is now a pariah planet, They turned to bio-warfare to even a perceieved technology gap between themselves and Xantia.  Afterwards, they were put under punishing sanctions, and over the last 30 years they have turned into a freeport for pirates and smugglers, because no one legitimate will do business with them. This means high technology is old and failing. These sanctions were both a reaction to attempted genocide and  to mollify Xantia out of retaliating directly.

Now the sanctions blockade is mainly manned by Xantian Military forces. Oddly female Ruathan refugees are welcomed. The Xantians blame the whole event on Ruathan men and men in general. 

Xantian pilots and ships crews can be a little trigger happy.  Smugglers and pirates have to be clever and quick to get through the blckade. But technology and items that would fetch low, generic prices anywhere else bring in a lot of monetary metals from the Ruathans. 

The Gate on Xantia is in a cave, hidden in what is now a nature preserve. It's 1000 miles away from Fontanna, the capitol city. The nearest town is Claytonville, A agricultural backwater, the women there are more harshly sexist than in the big city. 

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