Node C+20

This is in the prime universe, Law & Order in 2013.  History in the Solar system is exactly the same as ours up until 2013


12:00 - Path to Stellar

01:00 - (Locked) Luna

02:00 - (Locked) Mars

03:00 - Blank

04:00 - (Locked) Pallas

05:00 - Ganymede

06:00 - Path to Alt

07:00 - (Locked) Mimas

08:00 - (Locked) Miranda

09:00 - Blank

10:00 - (Locked) Triton

11:00 - (Locked) Pluto

05:00 - Ganymede

This portal leads into a dome, It looks like a Geodesic dome made of glass, but the material is impervious to any known effect. 

On the outer surface of the Dome straight across from the portal there is another portal. It's the same size as a fringeworthy portal and looks very similar. It, too, has a control pylon next to it. However, instead of being open with a black curtain effect, it has a clear surface across it. 

Activating the control pylon will cause the clear surface to retract back to the circular portal. This will went all the atmosphere and let in the conditions of Ganymede, This will not be fun for anyone not wearing a spacesuit specialized for those conditions.

If the door is closed, the clear material will close across the portal and Fringepath-normal conditions will be restored in two minutes.

There is a control pylon outside, too.

A Fringepath key can be used to lock this door, not allowing it to close or open without a key. 

A merciful GM might have the door open slowly with appropriate Terhmelern warnings about "atmosphere fleeing, humanoids freezing and ice being."

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