Node C+20

Node C+20 Stellar

Node C+20 Stellar 01:00 - 'Bor'cha

On this world, until recently, Iron Age Bor'cha were fighting for their survival.

In a deep canyon, sort of like the Grand Canyon, but much uglier, at the bottom, there was a source of monsters.

(Meta - this was a Monster Mother programmed with the D&D Monster manuals)

Although usually not all that dangerous to an armed Bor'cha, some of the creatures were extremely unpleasant.

A Pax Draconis scout landed and didn't find much of interest until she realized that many of the monsters were not consistent with the Borch'cha eco-sphere.

A second specialized scouting mission with biologists and zoologists discovered that the monsters were of alien origin to the Bor'cha, but also that they frequently have very interesting biological compounds in them.

A Corporation from a Pax Draconis World (mainly humans, but they'll hire anyone who is qualified) set up a monster rendering and biochemical plant

They'll buy Monsters, living or dead from Bor'ha adventurers. Then they'll sell the Bor'cha goods from galactic technology.

Smarter Bor'cha are pressuring the Corporation about education for young folks and greater inclusion in the Pax Draconis community.

This is in early stages, yet, but promises to be the core of a modern Pax Draconis colony/community.

Meanwhile, there has been a quick and dirty selection of Monsters in the Great Canyon Valley in favor of meaner monsters.

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