Node C +20 Law and Order 2013


12:00 - Path to Alt

01:00 - (Locked) Mammoth Caves

02:00 - (Locked) Beni Mounds, Bolivia

03:00 - Blank

04:00 - Caves of Hercules, Morocco

05:00 - (Locked) Lascaux caves, FR

06:00 - Antarctica

07:00 - (Locked) Krubera Cave, Georgia

08:00 - (Locked) Mohenjo-daro

09:00 - Blank

10:00 - (Locked) Yonagumi Monument

11:00 - (Locked) Ayers Rock, Aus

04:00 - Caves of Hercules, Morocco. 

This is a side cave near the ocean side.  it's hidden by a hologram and not easily visible.  The rest of the caves are a tourist attraction a few miles outside of Tangier, Morocco.  Tangier is a large city, filled with people from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Tourism is a major industry of the city.   There is a tourist resort near the caves.  Currently, the caves are being renovated and not open for tourist traffic.  Corruption is rife. Cops are relatively easy to bribe. Carrying weapons is not usually done in the civilized areas. In the wild areas of Morocco, things are not as orderly. 

Aliens will cause a pretty severe reaction.  Human Fringewrothy will be interpreted as lost and not very bright tourists. 

06:00  - Antartic

The Antartica gate leads into the usual generic geodesic type dome, with a door on the far end.  It's buried under a lot of ice and snow. 

Big Geodesic Dome


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