Node C +20 Law and Order 2013

This world is Earth of 2013. It would take some work to figure out just how this world is different.

In this world, the events of the "Law & Order " franchise are, roughly real. The characters exist as real people in situations roughly analogous to where we saw them in their shows in 2013.

This also implies several other TV shows are real. 

But, PCs from the Fringepaths would have had to have A) watched the TV shows and B) make their way to New York (mostly) and c) Somehow run across the Analogs to the TV characters. So from the PC point of view, this world would be mostly a vanilla version of Earth. Good for grabbing cheeseburgers and other Earthly items they may have been missing.

The (locked) notation refers to a low level lock that was installed generically in the system. basically any key can unlock these. The current PCs have a key, so these aren't locked. But without that, only gates without the (locked) notation would be usable.

Since there is only one gate unlocked and that's in Morocco, it would be even more unlikely that any PCs would discover what made this earth non-vanilla.

There's a lot of action going on in the Stellar arena. 





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