The warp is on the shores of Lake Queen Esselm.

Lake Queen Em is a circular crater lake.  In ancient time there was a Terhmelern temple that was hit with an anti-matter bomb.

Princeton,  Palawa,  

I used Queenstown, Tasmania as a model

Population 3672; Human,  1% half orcs -  350 people or so. 

Mining town - open pit copper mining; Gold Mining

Gavin's notes:

Similar to Australia on our earth Has it's own currency also called Thalers Near Dark Continent on "pacific" side of globe. Ring is on the shore of Lake Queen Esselm, near P10 Highway.  100 Klicks east of Princeton.  Ring is buried creating a warp above it. James Smothton-Farmer-Pickup-Gave us a ride into Princeton City-Princeton      -Hunter Hotel      -Bank City-Port Batholomew-Has police and military  Aboriginal oppressed half orc population  Princeton Bank Robbery 6 Men    #6 ring leader.  farmer and handyman a bit northwest of Princeton

Recruited in Pyrite Parlor

Recruiter - Mister Smith -wore a wig, an over coat, a hat and sunglasses, local accent, possibly fake nose, Business shoes

M.O. -  1)bribed the bartender to point out people who'd do rough work for cash, no questions asked. 2)gave them 1000 Thalers, each and a detailed itinerary of the armored car.   3)He knew to the minute when it was due at the bank and what route it would take leaving back to Hobart

Money bags in armored car were full of junk and cut up newspapers.

Robbers were fall guys-money was already stolen.

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