Node C -21  Yrth

Yrth as described in GURPS Bane Storm

Yrth was a commonwealth world when it was ruined by the War.  the earliest information has are surviving scrolls from 200 bc when rising tribes of Dwarves and Elves fought the Orcs and each other.

June 26 1050 AD,  the Banestorm summoned.  

Alt 04:00 Ming-3 1986 (Gurps Alternate Earths 2, 3rd ed)

Alt 05:00 Earth 1986 (Hidden Magic)

Both are alternates of the Planet earth.  On Ming-3, the Chinese are ascendant, on the other, history is similar to what we see

Both have Hidden Magic, and a war in the shadows between forces of light and darkness. 

The Bane storm connects elements of the whole node, regardless of the locked or unlocked status of the Gate.

Loren’dil (The Green Land)

Olokun (Ocean World)

Gabrook (World of Goblins, Hobgoblins, Kobolds and Dragons)


12:00 Path to Alt

01:00 Darkwood

02:00 Zarak

03:00 Empty

04:00 Nomad Lands

05:00 The Great Forest

06:00 Ring Station - Anarctica, Ice maiden, Snow Dragon

07:00 Orc Lands

08:00 Djinn Lands

09:00 Empty

10:00 Bilit Island

11:00 Great Desert


12:00 Path to System

01:00 (Locked) Loren'dil (greek mythology)

02:00 (Locked)  Reign of Steel

03:00 Path to C -20

04:00 Ming-3 (Gurps Alternate Earths 2, 3rd ed)

05:00 Earth (Hidden Magic)

06:00 Path to Prime

07:00 (Locked)  Gabrook (Goblins, Kobolds, Dragons) 

08:00 (Locked)  Britannica 6

09:00 Path to C -23

10:00 (Locked)  The Asylum of St Augustine (Scream Punk) (Britain 1883)

11:00 (Locked) Olokun (Ocean world, Merfolk, Dolphins, Shark folk, so on)


12:00 Path to Stellar

01:00 (Locked)  Hot Rock ball

02:00 (Locked)  Hot wet ball

03:00 Empty

04:00 (Locked)  Titan in orbit 2, hot, wet, earthlike world

05:00 (Locked)  Small rocky world, moon of Titan

06:00 Selene

07:00 (Locked)  Ancient Barsoom, now dead

08:00 (Locked)  Moon of dead Barsoom

09:00 Empty

10:00 (Locked) Icy rock ball above a picturesque gas giant - Ice Giants

11:00 (Locked) Sulphurous hell world, fire giants


12:00 Empty

01:00 (Locked) 

02:00 (Locked) 

03:00 Empty

04:00 (Locked) 

05:00 (Locked) 

06:00 Empty

07:00 (Locked) 

08:00 (Locked) 

09:00 Empty

10:00 (Locked) 

11:00 (Locked) 

Alt 04:00 Ming-3 1986 (Gurps Alternate Earths 2, 3rd ed)

Alt 05:00 Earth 1986 (Hidden Magic)

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