Node C+27 Stellar 11:00 - Philoctetes

Philoctetes - Ruins, an ancient Commonwealth city. The area is semi arid desert.   Not far away there is an AI.  Dorom.  Dorom is inside a maze, a labyrnth, chock full of deadly traps.  Roll dice for ships abandoned there. Inside the labrynth Dorom lies in a crystal brain, dreaming.  He was mislead into wiping out the world. Once it became clear, he exiled himself, using ancient droids to build the labrynth. Dorom doesn't know WHY he was mislead or by whom.  he thinks it was his creator. But a mellor had takn his creator's form and used Dorom as a weapon.

Now Dorom sits, angry, guilty and suffering

Dorom could be a wealth of knowledge about the Commonwealth, their technologies and even how to fight the mellor.  But he'd hae to be persuaded that he's not a monster. 

Near the entrance to the Labrynth there is a hologram named Chryse, who appears as a beautiful young woman.  Her job is to warn people of the Labrynth. She knows more of the context. If Dorom is freed, she will meld with him and update him on what's going on, as far as she knows. This manifests as a wistful unrequited love. She longs to meet Dorom, but must warn all adventurers of the labrynth. This is because her moral compass is firm and well programed, 

Chryse enjoys hanging out with people and learning of the outside world, but she can't leave an area about 100 km around the Labrynth.  

She knows of a spring that feeds a nice green copse of trees. at the edge of her range. 

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