An earthlike world with a slightly lower gravity and higher oxygen content to the air,  This makes sports more fun for athletes

Oikovosho - Capital City. Home of the Olympiad.  A resort city, think Las vegas meets Athens.

Avatpettew - Industrial City,  think Space Pittsburg.  The Portal is in  a deep cave. The modern city accidentally intruded on the ancient deep complex.  The City is not aware of this. Smugglers and vigilantes use the ancient cave systems

Uakpuvos - the Backwoods people. Angry and violent they make good bandits and pirates in the hinterlands of Mycos.

Lozeria - an Earthlike world with a repressive regime. They like to try and play the Earth Alliance and the Draconian Empire off against each other. Generally Rivals of Mycos,

Duhos City - Capital of Lozeria. Modern, technical, but oppressive. Think Cold War Romania with Spaceships

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