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The year is 2043. The Earth's population is 9 billion and topping out. All the cities seem too crowded, The technology is Cyberpunk. 

On factory farms all over this end of Kentucky, figures can be seen working to feed the huge mass of people. The creatures seen working are Bioroids. Synthetic humans.

They have formed a new underclass. slaves working to provide "Natural" Humans with food and goods. 

in 2030, courts ruled that Synthetic beings have no natural rights and are therefore property. This set up a techno-slavery based society. 

At Mammoth Caves, it looks like the usual tourist attraction, with a touch more touristy kitsch. 

Nearby at Bowling Green the local industries are tourists and supporting the factory farming, 

Natural humans are given a UBI (Universal Basic Income) this is to cushion people displaced by economic upheaval and the transition to this weird techno-slavery, and frankly to bribe people not to revolt and burn everything down. This seems to have worked. 

Some folks work, Many folks work part time. A solid minority have become useless couch potatoes. 

Bioroids are also seen as cops, firefighters, and EMTs. Well-armed PCs will be approached by a plastic looking, blandly handsome under-armed person in a police uniform. This person will engage the PCs and encourage them not to wander around so heavily armed, asking for an unfortunate incident. 

In mammoth caves, the PCs might run into UGC-317, a Bio-roid girl who has fled her life of slavery.  

There is a small but active Anti-Slavery movement, but there is a lot of fear of the Synthetic People, so public opinion is mixed.  There's a small but aggressive minority who feels that the Synthetic People Technology is unethical and should be abandoned. 

Synthetic people are fringeworthy at the same rate as other people. 

If discovered by Pax Draconis, Earth will considered to be an uncivilized hellhole for its creation of and treatment of Synthetic people. 

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