Map of 0 Prime Platform Rings

Node 0 Prime Platform is where all GatRings on Hatsumi-Earth connect to Fringe Space.


The First Ring, at 6:00 O-clock. This Ring looks like it was designed by Masamuni Shirow. Leads to Hastumi Base in Antartica.


The Second Ring. It looks like a wrought Iron Snake Eating it's own tail. It leads to a Poachers Cave in Meru Mountains, Kenya


The Third Ring appears to be made of Stone with the Priest King face on the top. Leads to a Warp to the west of Mohenjo-Daro

Mohenjo-daro Priest-king

Mohenjo-Daro Priest King


There is no Large Ring to the west.


The fourth ring looks like it is made of damp limestone. Leads to the Yonaguni Monument off Japan and Taiwan Coasts.


The fifth ring Looks like it is made of cut Flagstone. Leads to Complex under Ararat Anomaly, Mt Ararat, Turkey.


The sixth ring, at 12:00 O-clock is a large one, measuring 14.32 meters across the inside. It is bland and generic, decorated with fractal swirls and patterns, making it eaasily recognizable. It leads to the Fringe Road which goes to the Node 0 Alt Platform.


The seventh ring looks like it grew naturally from solidifying igneous rock crystal. Leads to crater lake, Forest Island, Alaska.


The eighth ring looks like it was decorated in artistic swirls that halfway melted. Leads to Baikal Mountain Complex.


There is no Large Ring to the East


The ninth ring looks Made of complex woven patterns, as if of cloth made from mild steel. Leads to Andes Complex, Peru.


The tenth ring looks as if carved from warm, red sandstone It has a grain almost like wood, from the deposition of layers. It leads to cave near Ayer's Rock, Australia.