Sauria is an otherwise Earth like world.

I have not made up my mind if it will share the same physical map of Earth, yet.

On this world, Dinosauria never perished in the K/T extinction event.

Instead Dinsauria evolved to fill many roles we are familiar with in the modern world, stressed by ice ages and other common effects.

Dinosauria share a lot with Avians, and so can be imagined by replacing common animals with scaled avianoid versions of modern animals.

But over write the body plan with applicable Dinsaur body plans as vailable.

Saurian dogs might be 20 - 50 lb theropods and so on.

Sauria gave rise to two Sentient species Saurians and Lizardmen - On Sauria Prime the Lizardmen died out hundreds of thousands of years ago, clearing the way for Saurians. But on an Alt, Lizardmen survived into the Modern Era. They discovered and explored the Fringepaths and then suffered a set back, leaving fallen populations in various worlds in the game-area.

Sauria is the home of a large population of Pangolisks. They are considered cute by Saurians and kept as pets. The Pangolisks are happy to see almost everyone and they may de-escalate a human/saurian encounter. The Saurians are aware that the Pangolisks are deeply weird, on an evolutionary/biology basis, but don't have any context to understand why.