Atlantis Prime


City of Atlantis Aireal Perspective

This Prime World is Called "Atlantis", or Atlantis Prime

It is similar, geographicallly, to Hatusmi Earth, in most respects.

The Main Difference Geographically is that the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is tall enough to poke out of the ocean. This creates a rugged set of Islands in the middle of the Atlantic.

The Main difference Culturally is the Empire of Atlantis, and it's Culture. The Empire of Atlantis is very stable, and has culturally paved over the world. Atlanteans speak the same language, Globally. They wear the same clothes and even look very similar from one region to the next.

Atlantis is loyal to Solon, it's deified Philosopher King.


Descriptions of the Nine Rings of the Atlantis Prime Platform to follow

  • -4P1 - Is the Large Ring at 6:00 O'Clock. It leads to a temple under the Palace of Atlantis where Solon rules.