Atlantis Alts

More Detail to be filled in later

  • 01 FRPG Atlantis, Magic works. Humans who took up the Terhmellern ways after they Terhmellern pulled out. With Oracle. They have corrupted the terhmelern ideas and dominate their world in a Mage-ocracy.
  • 02 Atlantis Modern Day - Atlantis as a modern 21st century city on Earth. Archaeology discovers hints of Atlantis' past.
  • 03 Atlantis Cyberpunk - Atlantis is a Freeport in a Cyberpunk World.
  • 04 Radio Free Atlantis I - Atlantis as the evil empire, free peoples revolt (1930s Tech)
  • 05 Radio Free Atlantis II - Atlantis leads a commonwealth of free nations against Totalitarian overlords in Asia and North America (1950s tech)
  • 06 Atlanitis v Mu-vians - Lizard men of Mu Lead a Coalition of Non-Human races Against a Human Alliance based in Atlantis in an FRPG world war.