Node +6 Alt platform holds alts of the Node +6 Prime as well as other worlds.

The Following is a General list of alts saved until thhey can be developed better.

  • 00 Prime FRPG World (Galadria)
  • 01 Epic battle of good and evil
  • 02 Evil Wins
  • 03 Good wins and becomes Evil
  • 04 No one's ever heard of Great Evil
  • 05 Orcs battle the Evil humans and their evil Overlord
  • 06 Galadria Circa 1940
  • 07 Galadria Ruled by Saurians-B
  • 08 Galadria 2,000 years iin the future. No technology but the epic battle is now scripture

A possible theme to explore - jms Angels and Demons.