This Node's Prime is Earth as of 2300.

This world is advanced and shiny. An Advanced technopolis. there is no poverty - they exported it all to the black.

Some of the rings were discovered. But no FW were among the discoverers, so the knowledge langushed and has faded. the Data is still around if anyone thinks to look.

Rough Locations

Rolled with FW d20 origin of FW by nationality chart

  • +1P1 - China
  • +1P2 - Egypt
  • +1P3 - SE Asia (Viet Name/Laos/Cambodia)
  • +1P4 - Philipines
  • +1P5 - China
  • +1P6 - China
  • +1P7 - Indonesia
  • +1P8 - Ukraine
  • +1P9 - Mexico