These rules hold for all nodes in this section unless stated wotherise.

Laws of Physics are normal, except they're rubbery in places to allow action adventure stunts to happen. Also mad science can happen.

At higher levels of technology the Laws of physics allow for Space Opera technology, specifically Star Wars style tech.

  • Droids,
  • Cybernetics,
  • Reactionless thrusters,
  • Artificial gravity,
  • Energy weapons,
  • Force fields,
  • etc.

The default FTL is hyper drive.  Hyperdrive comes in generations.  Each generation is difficult to develop.  It is as difficult to develop Gen 2 hyper drive as it is to develop Gen 1 hyperdrive from modern technology.  Gen 3 is similarly difficult.

Gen 1 - 1 lightyear per 3 days

Gen 2 - 1 light year per day

Gen 3 - 1 light year per hour

Each generation of Hyperdrive can have incremental improvements,  so a gen 1.1 Hyperdrive will be slightly faster than a Gen 1.0

Gen 1 hyperspace radio is short ranged and unreliable.  Communication is by ship.

Gen 2 hyperspace radio is slow, a ship can out race it, but it allows data trasmission over wide areas

Gen 3 hyperspace radio is very fast and very long range, allowing real time conversations on distant worlds.

The physics like Space fighters and so they tend to crop up more often

The physics slants towards things looking like WWII air combat.  Bombers bomb cities, installations and ships. Fighters shoot down opposing fighters and bombers.


Unless stated otherwise, the default magic level is low.  Not nil, so magical creatures and beings can survive, but in a reduced form. Magic items go inert

We'll use Garry's 0-30 scale here

-1 - antimagic

0 - no magic

6-8 Hidden magic, ala B-13

18 - Fantasy RPG world

30 - berzerk and looney

So the default, unless specified, is Magic Level 4.

The magic level is independant of Tech level.  You could see a sorcerers and starships world.

The Force:

This is available to people with great effort and study.  This is why only monks who meditate for years can access, unless a person is extraordinarily talented. 

Usually this is the realm of hidden monasteries and secret knowledge - it's just too difficult to stumble upon otherwise.


There are 5 great mellor locked into this section. 

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