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The Fringepath system was locked down in 1035 AD, Most of the war was in places far away.

The Mellor used catspaws to attack.  The destruction was 19/20 Commonwealth to Mellor Aligned.

The default Mellor Catspaw, unless otherwise specified were Cyber-lizard men and their automated war machines (Classic Cyclons) Bio-Borg (Shadows from Babylon 5) and Riders (The Puppet Masters) were also frequently used. 

I need to describe the Mellor .

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This is where I will be planning out the meta-story line happening in the back-ground.

The Mellor War Happened 9,960 BCE - they used the Great Machine to attack and destroy many of the Terhmelern projects.

Mazda fought a holding action against 14 Mellor who were in the Section when the attack came down.

Mazda lost control of the worlds through the Mellor, or Mellor Secret Agents.

He wanted to leave tools and knowledge behind for the people coming after to find and use.

12 nodes

3 X 4

4 sub sections


  • Fringepaths
  • Commonwealth
  • Mellor
  • The War


  • Use the Finge Paths
  • Detect Mellor
  • Resist Mellor
  • Cure the Mellor


  • With other worlds
  • With other people
  • With the Terhmelern
  • With the Mellor

List of Mellor


Node 0 Timeline