Often Gates will seat in Mammoth Caves - in worlds approximating Earth as we know it.

This is a thumbnail of the area as it appears in the real world, for reference

Mammoth Caves is a National Park in Kentucky and has a Ranger station attached to it. In healthy economic times the Caves are a tourist attraction, with Guided tours. The ring station is in a hidden cave nearby that's cleverly concealed by trees and brush and covered by a hologram which steals ambient energy.

The path out is roomy and flat, you could drive a car out of it. But then you're in a forest, with trees and underbrush that would make travelling difficult. There are deer trails and hiking trails.

The gate is about half a mile east north east of the main camp ground and about 300 yards away from a hiking trail, 100 years of that is through dense trees.

Locals are used to seeing tourists and RVers from all over, so accents and odd clothing will not phase them. Visible arms may disconcert them. Hunting is forbidden in the national park

The nearest towns are Park City a town of about 600 people. Has a couple of gas stations, a minimart and a dairy queen

Then there's Cave City about 6 miles northeast of Park City, a town of 2,300 people. They have slightly more services, including hotels and a couple of restaruants catering to touirsts.

20 miles away from the caves to the south east is Glasgow, KY, a town of 14,000 people, and the county seat.

The Barren County Sheriff's Dept is a small force, Numbering at most 30 people.

23 miles to the Southwest is Bowling Green, KY, a metropolitan area of about 164,000 people. This is where people will find most of the services and products available in civilization.

Due west of the Mammoth Caves Nat'l Park is Brownsville, a town of 1000 people.

47 miles nortth-northwest is Elizabethtown, KY, a town of about 29,000 people. It's the closest airport

Louisville, KY is 89 miles away to the North-Northest, and has 787,000 people, more or less.

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