Mainyu is a Greater Mellor.

He currently resides on Earth.


Mainyu keeps his weight at about 75 kg. He can freely shape change within that range.

He can mimic people and animals well.

With a touch he can mimic them perfectly.

He can eat someone's brain and absorb all their skills, memories and personality traits.


Mainyu has 10,000 years of practice in politics, manipulating the public and ruling. He can rule through manipulation or by brute force.


Like all Mellor, Mainyu is not fringeworthy. Nothing he can do will make him fringe worthy. Even eating the brain of a fringe worthy person and mimicing them perfectly will not fool a ring.

But the filter can be unlocked.

If Mainyu can get agents to metaphorically find and turn the key - he can escape imprisonment on Earth.

In the long run, Mainyu hates all life. He wants to burn it all. However, until he can find the key to his prison, he must bide his time and make sure his human tools are ready to do his will.

Current situation

Mainyu's main identity currently is that of Shipping Magnate Hosato Sigimuri, a multi billionaire owner of interest in several shipping lines. Mainyu built this up himself.

Mainyu also makes the occasional appearance as Tan Yow. Tan Yow runs a simple fish cannery in Hong Kong. He is an old man, wise in the ways of the world and business - content to run his cannery and process fish.

This was a cover for Yow's true life as a Triad Crime Lord. Yow built an empire of coercion, bribery, theft, smuggling and violence all over the asian world.

When Yow went to lean on Hosato Sigimuri, he emerged from the encounter a changed man.

Mainyu occasionally writes and opines in public as Henry Bricksworth, an influential Neoconservative