The Kynmar

The Kymnar are Tiger people  Thier homeworld is near Earth and frequently linked to the Fringe paths. 

They run between 5' and 7' tall and are generically 100 years behind earth in terms of technology.

That means that generally, they'll be rocking 1913 technology, and a culture that can support that.

Like the Lizard Men, the Kynmar are carnivores.  They have agriculture mainly as a way to support cows, which they ranch. 

Their culture supports a lower population density than human analogs and so technological progress is slower. 

Kynmar don't do large, organized warfare, they specialize in small bands that raid.  They also don't organize into large nations, countries or corporations, but they can make networks of smaller groups,. The Gate generally opens into hills east of their oldest city, which is on a large river delta where cows can happily graze.  a trade network grows along the sea, and the river. 

Specific Kynmar worlds

C -32 Stellar 04:00

These Kymar have ancient legends about the Fringepaths.  Stories of strange friends who come out of a hole in the air. Over time these have become a story trope.  This world was lightly contacted, mainly by tourists and small mobile traders before the Mellor War and wqs too small fry to bother much afterwards. 

They have automobiles and trains, but mostly prefer motorcycles.  They have steam ships for speed, but most cargo moves on sailing ships. Railroads are small and grow organically in and near cities. 

Female stripes by Miu3

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