The Keegak are a race of people, they're short and small, they average 3-4 feet tall and between 80 to 110 lbs

They have green skin of an odd texture and no hair. They have sharp teeth. They're omnivores, but really prefer meat.

Physiologically, Keegak bear a certain resemblance to birds, inside.

The Keegak eyes are really good at low light and pattern recognition. They are easily blinded by bright lights and prefer to move in twilight or by the full moon. Sun glasses will be popular when encountered.


There is no Keegak culture anywhere in the game right now. The Keegak were scattered among the fringepaths late in the Mellor war and lost all identity.

The Keegak are scavengers and hunters. In worlds where racism is a thing, Keegak will kill and eat vulnerable members of other races.

Keegak are intelligent, cowardly and extremely pragmatic. They like pack hunting tactics where side and back shots are taken against a larger foe.

Unbenownst to almost anyone in Game, the Keegak are uplifted Velociraptors 25,000 years ago, a Terhmelern created them and then abandoned them for 10,000 years. When rediscovered by the Terhmelern, they were told the truth, which sort of unhinged them.

They had a key part in the early going of the Mellor war, but it quickly spiralled past their ability to control. The Keegak homeworld was destroyed and most Keegak alive at the time were killed. Refugees were scattered far and wide. Their creation by the Terhmelern, their abandonment and their role in the Mellor war resulted in surviving Keegak elders turning their back on their culture and letting it die.

Keegak in our area are ignorant survivors of this. They can get along with other folks if sufficiently motivated by greed, fear other motivation (Keegak are not stupid)

On C(-01), Toril the Keegak dislike the humanoid races and are disliked in turn.


The Keegak, in the early parts of the Mellor war hacked the Fringepath System and opened it up for all Keegak. This is why the Keegak are universally fringeworthy.

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