The Iron Mountains are the general southern boundary of Galadria. A few people have visited the lands south of there, but it's a dangerous trip and not often udertaken.

The Iron Mountains were the home of the Dwarves, home to cities, towns, forts and a well developed culture. Even after the Apocalypse the Dwarves lived well in several clans under the Iron Moutains.

About 200 years after the Apacalypse, Goblins began appearing at the gates of dwarven forts and colonies.

Over time the Goblins drove the Dwarves out from under the Iron Mountains. This was a horrible slow motion disaster for the dwarves who battled it every step of the way.

By 400 years after the Apocalypse, the Dwarves were refugees in the land of Galadria and plotting to retake Iron mountains.

Now the Iron Mountains are not only shot through with the ruins of the Dwarven Settlements, ruined in the fighting and by lack of maintenance, but also subsequent Goblin works. There are rumors of lost Dwarven troves ad caches, riches in astounding amounts.

Very few who attempt to delve the ruins under the Iron Mountains come back.


There are colonies of hardy humans and humanoids in the Iron Moutains (Often racially mixed tribes) - they follow unfamiliar gods and are frequently hostile to Galadrians who venture into the mountains. Not much is known of these people. Although suspicious and often outright hostile to humans, and dwarves - they are genocidal againsty Goblins and kill them on sight.