Goblins - Short humanoids, they average between 3 and 4 feet. They have green skin and sharp teeth. Their heads are hairless and their skin is green.

These are the Goblins as seen on C -01 Myth-Drannor, and in other places as noted. They are omnivorous with a strong bias towards meat. There is a strong racial enmity between Goblins and Humans. These guys are generally cowardly but given towards being mean. They can and will eat non Goblin people, given the chance. The only time they'll eschew is if other races are so strong that the backlash would be problematic.

Physiologically, they're weird and not like any other humanoid on Toril.

This is because they're actually Kee-gak.

They're universally fringeworthy, something no one has discovered before. The Goblins of Toril Alt 10:00 see all magical things as carriers of plague and very dangerous to mess with.

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