Dwarves are a sub-race of humans, borrowed liberally from the Dwarves of Dungeons and Dragons. (Dwarven characters would use the rules from D&D 3.5 and for all intents and purposes are interchangeable)

These Dwarves are described as a sub-race of humans, although the dwarves themselves would consider this characterization distasteful. The reason for the characterization is because Dwarves are interfertile with stock model humans.

Dwarves are extremely long lived, on the order of 1000 years. They have a racial bent towards crafts and toewards living underground. Dwarven communities cultivate strange fugus, plants and animals which fill the roll of missing vegetables, fruit and sunlight. Dwarves are adapted to take advantage of these resources where a normal human would, over time grow ill from vitamin D and vitamin C deficieny.

Dwarves are usually taciturn and very oriented toward clan and duty. They are insular. Dwarven Culture insists that no other race can truly understand "Dwarven-ness" and that interior matters of dwarven-ness must be kept away from the prying eyes of curious outsiders.

In the Galadria Game, There is a population of dwarves who live along-side the human nobility of Galdria. Because of their wealth, skill at crafts and long lives, the Dwarves could easily have simply out-lived the Human Nobility, and taken over.

They have stubbornly resisted this. Although Dwarven Nobles are common all over Galadria, and often stand in positions of power, they obstinantly insist that ruling the humans of Galadria is a Job for Humans.

They will not countenance intermmarriage between Dwarven houses and humans ones. On the other hand, the Dwarves do act as peacekeepers, king makers and power brokers in the Galadrian political scene.

Unknown to the Humans of Galadria, the Dwarves keep complicated lists and geneaologies of Human Nobles, and their advice about political marriages between the Human Noble families has elements of eugenics to it.

The Dwarves and Humans of Galadria have occasionally attempted camapigns to retake the Iron Mountains - the original home of the Dwarves.

The Dwarves of Galadria Were displaced from under the Iron Mountins by long term Goblin invasion.