There are Two Dennis Washburns

Real Life

Dennis Washburn is my real life best friend. He is a musician and an works for Traveller's Insurance in Spokane. He is the sole player for this Fringe Worthy game.

General Washburn

Until 2013, Gen Washburn was a United States Army General who commanded a special mixed Special Forces Group that specialized in Reconnaissance, Intelligence Gathering, and getting in and out of enemy territory.

When the Hastumi ring was discovered, Gen Washburn was put in charge of securing and reconoitering the thing and assessing the danger.

Gen. Washburn aggressively moved to take control of the situation and establish thorough security. He also began to build infrastructure for the exploration of the Ring and what lay behind it.

Washburn was adamant at not letting international politics alter his chosen command structure in the slightest. He considered it a major concession to let non-americans on to the actual exploration teams and that was concession enough.

Washburns friction with the Chinese and other nations over maintaining the integrity of his command staff endeared him to the smaller nations involved in the project. They felt that if he was willing to stand up to the Chinese like that, he'd certainly give any alien invasion force a hard time.

So when the United Nations Inter-Dimensional Agency was founded, Ban-Ki Moon, the Secretary General requested and got Washburn Assigned as Chief of Security.