As of 6-16-2016

Gavin, Lydia, Iago and Geoff are reunited.  Gavin Locks Bullseye Alt 11;00 gate with their key.

As of 6-14-2016

After completing negotiations with the Greenies, Lydia and Iago return with the Landrover. 

The party goes to Future MD to buy more weapons to spread around to various friends, trying to avoid playing favorites with the Opal isles

Then they drop Geoff off to do Shore leave, head back to Lothlorien to stash extra weapons and supplies, and then back to Opal Ilse for Debreif

Opal Isles are moving their operation to the Former Island of Dr. Null. C +00 Prime 0200. This to allow better freight access to the Portal which is blocked at 0400, the Portal under Rodney House. 

Gavin and Co go to Post Magic Plague Mythdrannor and negotiate with Greenies As of 3-2016, this is where the game is.  As Gavin and Geoff negotiate with Chief Greenie,  Lydia and Iago return to Bullseye Prime and the Opal Isles to resupply and gather materials. 

Gavin Lydia and Co go to Mythdrannort Classic and  inform them of the war and it's effects

Gavin, Lydia and Co go to Toril Alt and see Shadow Run Mythdrannor

Gavin and Lydia (And Iago and Geoff) got to Toril, and fight an incursion of giant preying mantises

Gavin and Lydia explore C +00 Alt 11:00 meet Meyer Kazek and pick up Iago and Geoff. 

Gavin and Lydia are treated as Heroes on the Island of Molokon.

Gavin and Lydia sign on with Opal Island Intelligence, Dept 6.  OI-6.  Think The Secret Service as in James Bond, but in a slightly alternate Universe. 

Gavin and Lydia  go to the Island of Dr. Null. 

Gavin and Lydia meet Sherrif Rok of Pacific Town. 

Gavin and Lydia meet Half Orc Children on Palawa, and then violently interfere in a bank robbery. 

1963 - Gavin and Lydia are Awakened in Lothlorien

1945 - Group 3 enters C-0 Alt 11:00 and disappears

1943 - Group 3 is awakened in Lothlorian

1923 - Group 2 is Awakened in Lothlorien

1903 - Group 1 is awakened in Lothlorien

1883 - C3P0, a Quellor awkens badly damaged in Lothlorien and begins repairs

1563 - there is a fortress at the location of the Opal Isle Ring, no records of this installation survive.

0  - A prophet walks Bullseye preaching of a god of love and forgiveness

9,996 BCE - the Mellor War - Bullseye is attacked by a bioweapon which kills a huge number of people - the ring stations and their significance is preserved in ancient legends. (Analogous to Homer and  Atlantis)

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