Node C +00 Prime Bullseye 1963

12:00 Path to alt

01:00 Palawa (Tasmania)

02:00 Nyambe (Kenya)

03:00 Blank

04:00 Opal Isle (Great Britain/Ireland Mashup)

05:00 North Eastern Frontier (Siberia)

06:00 Antartica -  Garage for world exploration

07:00 Distant south seas Island (Professor Null)

08:00 Kotaido Prefecture (Northern Japan)

09:00 blank

10:00 Kingdom of Molokon (Madagascar)

11:00 Golden Province, Union of NW Provinces:

                Sherriff Rok and Deputy Satchel are in the know.  Somewhere in this area "Hobo Santa" is running around laying low from the war.

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