Sarah is an encounter to run if things seem slow.

Sarah is a young woman who is fleeing for her life. She is wearing a dress made of old, white patterned sheets. It's ruined.

She has been accused of adultery. The Fundy Community of Leviticus' Rest about 30 miles south is going to drag her back home and stone her.

She is being pursued by the elder Isaiah and 5 stout brothers, Including her husband Jeremiah. Sarah was forced into marriage at age 14. Jeremmiah is not haappy wwith her. Jeremiah and Sarah are sterile together. Jeremiah has been blaming Sarah for this. Sarah was an orphan adopted from outside Lev's rest and this has hovered over her head.

So when Jeremish accused Sarah of Adultery. it didnt matter if it were true, or not. the Judgement of Isaiah went against her. Sarah fled. It has been two days. Sarah is crafty and motivated.

If Sarah is rescued, she becomes the responsibility of the rescurers. If Billy and his sons get a clear look at the situation, they'll try to rescue Sarah.

If confronted in a calm, rational manner, then Isaiah will let Sarah go. Any shooting wil antagonize the Fundies. Being driven off by force will antagonize them to the point of coming back armed for bear.