0A8 - World Peace Council

This world is physically identical to Hastumi Earth. the Differences are interesting - the Yonagumi Monument is smaller and less well developed. Forest Island has it's top and there is no Ararat Anomaly.


the difference is political - in 1976 there was a "Limited" nuclear exchange between the Soviet Union and China.

1977 and 1978 were extraordinarily harsh years. Nulcear winter set in hard. The Ecology didn't begin to recover until 1983. The Late 1970s and the early 1980s were a malthusian nightmare - a billion people died from famine world wide and everyone was hungry.

People turned to government and demanded extreme measures to prevent this sort of thing from ever happening again.

The United Nations was re-organized as "The World Peace Council" - and it banned nuclear weapons by force. In order to garner support from 3rd world people, economic reforms were enforced.

The World PEace Council also banned Nuclear power en-masse.


The World Peace Council is now a stable world government. Although the ruins of Russia and China still hold a wild-west of anarchist survivors, day-by-day WPC control is extended in these areas.

First world nations sink slowly under a comfortable strangle hold. Technological innovation is strictly controlled. So the Technology is 1979 but refined some.

Third world nations struggle with corruption and internal violence. Rebellion movements get a chance to air their grivances and negotiate a re-entry into "the world community" - and if they don't WPC "Peacekeepers" move in. They are violent and thorough. Only complete and abject surrender to the WPC will end the assault.

Population controls are in effect world-wide.

The weather is in open revolt. Weird storms and floods have become chronic features of the evening news.

The Olentangy Indian Caverns were long ago locked up to prevent refugees and criminals from seeking shelter - the caves show the signs of having been used during the winter of 1977 and 1978 as refugee camps. The Steel grates closing the caves are rusty and old, but no one ever bothered to break in.

Dublin is a sleepy outskirt of Colombus. Colombus is a agriculture town. Bio-technology, especially agriculturally bio-tech has been ignored. But the lack of computers has hampered Genetic engineering badly. Even so, WPC world has variants of Corn, Wheat and other staple crops that are drought and storm-damage resistant and resistant to pests and blights.

If the PC are seen entering and exiting the Olentangy Indian Caves, the police will be called.

Who lives near the OICs?

Crazy old Wynadotte man. Real Art Bell Fan. Believes that UFOs are on their way to smear the earth. He is Fringeworthy