In Dublin. Ashland, Inc runs algae vats, and hydroponic krill farms, that make the affordable food that keep the poor people alive.

Ashland is also true to its roots making fertilizer and other agricultural chemicals. A fairly Large distribution center is located not too far from the Olentangy Indian Caverns

These chemicals could do enormous damage in the hands of terrorists or lunatics. So Ashland actually has the largest and best private security forces in the area, to make sure the chemicals stay in the vats.

This security firm is viewed as an informal retirement plan for aging street runners. So the hair is gray and short.. The bodies may tend towards chunky. But messing with Ashlands chemicals is not recommended. Rumors persist that runners who try to burn Ashland have not come back out of the chemical plant.

(Meta – this is true. Ashland Security has an informal "Shoot First, recycle the body as fertilizer, later" policy.)'