The Cavern

The Cavern Opens in the same chamber the rest of the ALTs on the Node 0 Alt Platform do.

Columbus, OH, 5 miles south

In Columbus, high tech firms struggle to stay current and competitive with other high technology centers, while insurance agencies work feverishly to keep up with the mad pace of business.

On the streets, out of work farmers eek out a living as best they can.

Among the poor of Columbus, are street mercenaries. These are mostly people with combat experience in the wars. There is a small market for street runners in Columbus.

Suburban Dublin, 1.5 miles south

In the Cyberprep Dublin OH, Middle and Lower Management people from Columbus live in gated communities, and buy lunch at Ninjaburger.

In Dublin. Ashland, Inc is considered a good market for Security, and a bad place to try and burn.

PCs exiting the ring in this Alt will meet the people associated with Cynthia.


This Alt is the world as described in Cyberpunk 2020. That book is the default for conditions in this world.