Node C+27 Alt 08:00 - 1987

C +27 Alt 08:00 - 1987.  This is an alt of Buck Rogers home time.  It is nearly identical to the past of the Prime.

However, stopping the impending nuclear war here will not change anything in the Prime. In this world there are elements of mad science in play. Robotics are advanced and several weird prototypes are about. Cybernetics is similarly advanced, resulting in cyborg secret agents.  This is just starting to affect the technology.  Visitors from our world would find the technology oddly advanced yet anachronistic.  A Sony "Phoneman" smart phone dominates the market, While the wonders of a world of data are available through Compuserve, which offers insane amounts of data, but secretly monitors everything you do.  And so on.

Governments have primitive space thrusters. Experiments are beginning in artificial gravity and the math that will, eventually becomes Hyperdrive.

The Gate here is at Mammoth Park. People in 1980s clothes play tourist and await news of the first test of the fusion reactor which promises to make electricity hella cheap.

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