Node C+27 Alt 01:00 - FWD base NO 135

This world is known only by it's Catalog Number, which is boring and as long as your arm.

The main inhabited location is Forward Base NO-135.   This is a temporary fighter base.  It is made of temporary buildings made of cargo containers and sheds to shield Fighters being serviced.

It also has a sensor node and control shed for a sensor net in their area.

Because this base is so obscure and in such a backwater, it's not a prime location. The fighter wing and support group are manned by dregs, outcasts, ne'er do wells and under dogs waiting for their chance to become heroes.

They fly anti-pirate and anti-smuggling patrols with some success.  But their real reason for being there is demoralizing.  They are a trip-wire force - they are there to meet a big Draconian push, and get killed resisting it to provide Earth with warning and an excuse to counter attack.

No one is looking forward to that.  But it hasn't happened in a long time.  The base has been there for 30+ years.  Many of it temporary facilities show the age, badly.

Off to the side of the landing are are old fighters and shuttles that were used up or mangled, then pushed to the side and stripped of anything useful.

The Fighter wing is flying MK VIII  Thunder fighters.  The newest ones are MK IX. They're still respectable machines, but not the cutting edge any more.

They have two larger official shuttles and one ancient smugglers ship.  The pilots and techs keep the old smuggling ship for off-books trips, like gathering booze, illicit entertainment, or other trips that would be frowned upon by high command.

Unlike The spit and polish people in New Chicago, under the dome, the Earth Defense Directorate uniform here is tan fatigues, usually augmented by random pieces of personal clothing.

They are based in a semi desert area, not far from jungles.

In the jungles are the ruins of ancient cities, long forgotten.

Imagine Baa Baa Black Sheep meets M*A*S*H but with Starfighters.

The gate is a warp that opens on a small hill at the edge of the old jungle. The area is transitioning to savanah.

Not far away there is small technologically advanced tower, that is actually the water supply for the base.  It's wired with intrusion detection.  On the side of the tower are taps for cold water and hot water.  Both for testing the machinery and to invite intruders to trigger the alarms.


This place is in the same Universe as the Prime, and on the Alt, even though it should be on the Stellar Plaform because Fringe Logic

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